One of our signature initiatives is our Feeding the Community program. Through gracious donations from our various grocery partners, we provide fresh groceries to the residents of the community. To date, we've provided fresh , healthy groceries to over 15,000 families  along with 2 elementary schools.

With word of our program spreading, more requests for donations have begun to come in, however, we face capacity issues which are hindering our fulfillment of these. In order to accommodate these requests without straining our already thin budget (we receive ZERO government funding), we are fundraising to raise $5,000 purchase a commercial deep freezer, refrigerator and a UHaul truck that will be modified with a refrigeration unit. Acquiring these items will allow Community Solutions to help more residents have access to the healthy food options available.

Feeding the Community Expansion

Our signature effort: The Community Cafe

Purchasing of vacant lots to be used as urban gardens

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Purchasing of robotic kits and tablets for youth S.T.R.E.A.M. Program

As a Tax Exempt, Nonprofit organization

our mission is to serve our community to its fullest.  In order to do this, we rely on the generous support from individuals and community partners.  Some of the initiatives funded by donations include:

As a signature effort, Community Solutions plans to open the 1st of several Community Cafe's on the in West Philadelphia that will serve multiple rolls.  This will be a hub for residents of the community to be able to meet, enjoy fresh coffee, a light snack/meal as well as use the internet (free Wi-Fi) along with reading local newspapers and books that will be donated.  It will also be a place where other community groups can meet and where local children can come to receive qualified academic tutoring services provided by a local tutoring service. 

In order to help support the local economy, we will be outsourcing the light food fare to other local small businesses and employing residents of the local surrounding community.  The cafe will also serve as local food pantry distribution point for the community on the weekends.  And by the cafe being part of the non-profit organization, all of the profits generated will be either reinvested in the expansion of programs for the community or distributed to local residents in the form or community grants or scholarships.

To help make this vision a reality, we are asking for your assistance in raising the funds to purchase the necessary equipment and furniture to outfit the location.  This includes the commercial refrigerators, counters, booths, tables, chairs, lighting fixtures and decorations.  We are attempting to open the cafe by late 2019-early 2020 after the needed interior renovations are completed.  

All donors will not only receive a personal thank you note but also will be invited to the grand opening and receive a special gift showing our appreciation.